A few years ago, braids were considered a favorite hairstyle of the older generation. The traditional braiding has become popular again. In addition to standard variants, new techniques of performance have appeared. French braids allow you to embody many ideas, creating complex compositions. But also simple everyday styling will be a decoration of the appearance, giving a stylish touch to the image.

For whom and for what occasions is it suitable? 

Despite the popularity of braids, not all fashionistas use a stylish hairstyle. The universal technique allows you to create a suitable hairstyle for any image. You can also pick up options for different types of appearance, experimenting with the texture of the braids, complementing the decor and appropriate occasion makeup.

Who goes well with the French braid:

  • little princesses can braid interesting spike lets in kindergarten, school, for sports, creativity, neat styling will withstand the test of active games, walks in the fresh air, the hair throughout the day will maintain a well-groomed appearance;
  • young girls should not stop on one option, experimenting, it is easy to find the best models for your type;
  • Ladies with shapes will suit asymmetrical, vertical spike lets, with a puffy top, the parietal area;
  • Slender girls with a chiseled figure can use different variations of the gathered plaits around the head, with a high ponytail, passing braids in a bun;
  • hairstyles for regular, triangular, diamond-shaped ovals focus attention on the face, are relevant options with smooth braids;
  • Round-faced young ladies should use the secrets of professionals, complementing the French braids bangs, beating out the locks, suitable and options with half-unraveled curls, artfully hiding problem areas;
  • women after 40 years old use elegant braids also, so that the hairstyle remained stylish, modern combinations with fashionable coloring techniques are recommended, selecting the corrective options of hairstyles;
  • Suitable for any occasion, you can braid the backward braid, going for a morning run, perform laconic styling, corresponding to the business style, careless options are appropriate for walks, shopping, active pastime, glamorous parties;
  • Braid inside out is often used by masters as the basis for wedding hairstyles, luxurious styling will emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the touching, delicate image.

french braid hair

General recommendations for braiding

Knowing the secrets of professionals, it is easy to cope with the most intricate models of French braids:

  • hair requires a certain preparation, to avoid tangles, you need to thoroughly comb the whole tangle;
  • It is recommended to treat unruly locks with a spray or cream for elasticity, softness and shine of curls;
  • for fixation, it is necessary to use soft elastic bands that do not traumatize the stem structure;
  • It is recommended to curl sparse hair with a gofer, curls can be straightened, then the braid will be longer and neater;
  • it is not necessary to overload curls with an abundance of styling products, to create a beautiful style, no more than two products are needed;
  • the hair cane kalons are used for short hair, and they also allow you to change the color of curls without the dyeing procedure.

Can I do my own hair?

The hairstyle can be done by yourself, step by step. Braiding the braid outward is as simple as a traditional braid. You need to prepare a basic set of tools and styling products. The first experiments are better carried out in front of a mirror with several sashes, to control the process of braiding. After, the technique will be worked out to automatism and the creation of a hairstyle will take only a few minutes.

Tools for creating a backward braid:

  • comb with anti-static effect, you can choose with a natural pile or plastic, elastic teeth;
  • comb for combing the strands to be added;
  • elastic bands, hairpins, bobby pins, hair decor;
  • for volume, foam, mousse are used;
  • for smoothness – wax, gel;
  • to make curls soft, elastic will help cream or oil for hair;
  • curlers and irons create textured curls or straighten unruly curls.

The salon price depends on the skill of the masters, the length and density of the hair, the stylistic products used, and the accessories. You can also call the master at home, the service is popular mainly among brides, graduates.

Step-by-step instructions on weaving

For beginners, you can get acquainted with the professional performance, the video lesson will allow you to avoid basic mistakes.

The usual French braid.

Back braid step by step:

  • Comb the hair back to the back of the head. Gather the central strand on the parietal area.
  • Separate the strand on the left side, put it under the middle.
  • Then pick out the strand on the right side and place it under the middle strand.
  • Separate the strand on the left side again, and put it under the center one.
  • Add a strand from the right side in the same way. Continue braiding the back braid, trying to keep the same tension of the strands.
  • Fix the end with an elastic band.

Pros and cons 

Everyone can create a real masterpiece from the bunches of falling down strands. The styling will be a highlight of the image, the surrounding people will not leave without attention an interesting image. It is worth knowing the peculiarities of performance, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Suitable for different age groups, does not traumatize thin children’s hair, adds an elegant touch to mature women;
  • You can pick up a model for different shapes of ovals, round, square face will decorate the semi-unraveled braids, for elongated, triangular can be used variants of circular braiding, symmetrical spikelets;
  • includes several corrective techniques, you can complement the hairstyle bangs, highlight individual strands, combine with original jewelry, appropriate to the occasion;
  • French braid combined with business style, grunge, street glamour, retro, boho, pick up a beautiful spikelet is possible not only for work weekdays, sports, suitable styling and for celebrations;
  • Looks much more interesting than the standard three-strand braiding.


  • French braid on long curls when performed independently does not always turn out neatly, it is better to use the help of professionals;
  • Sparse hair must be pre-curled;
  • For unruly strands is recommended to use styling products;
  • With a strong tightening of the strands can cause headaches.