Thick wavy hair is truly amazing, however, it is often difficult to style. That’s exactly why it’s worth choosing the most suitable haircuts for long thick wavy hair and contacting a stylist right before changing your image. Such hair type looks excellent in real life and makes any image eye-catching and fantastic. It is essential to always take care of thick wavy hair in order for it to be healthy, glowy, airy and make you always feel confident.

What Is Special About Such Hair Type

Lots of ladies think it is easy to find haircuts for long thick wavy hair and always look brilliant, however, it is not that simple to choose a suitable and easy to style cut. You should be aware of some thick wavy hair peculiarities in order to be able to style it the proper way and take care of it:

  • such hair type gives great volume, making ladies think the hair bulb is pretty strong, however, as the matter of fact such type of hair is often weak and brittle;
  • you may use feathering cutting technique in order to easily make diverse hairstyles and braid your hair, however, it is worth applying such technique carefully, since it may destroy your hair and ruin your look;

  • wavy hair is always very dry, that is exactly why you should properly wash it, use hair conditioners, masks, and oil for making it healthier and stronger.

Long wavy hair can be styled is lots of diverse ways, and help you always look different. It is necessary to take care of your hair in order it to always be shiny and healthy, that’s why it is suggested to consult a stylist before changing your cut or dying your hair.

Choosing The Right Cut

Searching for haircuts for long thick wavy hair, it is suggested to give preference to a cascade cut. Such cut looks perfectly well on ladies with any hair type, as well as is suitable for any face shape. Medium cascade cut with long side bang will be a catch for ladies with oval and triangle face shape, while women with round or square face should give preference to a long cascade cut without bangs.

If you’d like to have short or medium length hair, it’s worth trying bob or lob cut. Blunt bob, asymmetrical bob, soft blended bob and many other types of such cut will help you create a unique image and always look fashionable. But what bob cut should you avoid? Here are some tips for you:

  • ladies with heart shaped face have to avoid extra short bob, but give preference to layered one;
  • if you have a long face, then lob will not be a catch for you, however it is suggested to cut blunt bob;
  • women with round face should avoid chin length bob, but cut an angled one;
  • give preference to asymmetrical bob and avoid blunt one if you have square face.

Bob and lob cuts on wavy hair always look stylish and make it possible for ladies to create an unforgettable image.