Curly hair with shaved sides is a trend nowadays. More and more women shave temples in order to look more stylish this idea and stand out from the crowd. Shaved sides definitely attract attention and make every lady’s look eye-catching and extraordinary. Such a fashionable cut enables ladies to create a desired image, and feel even more confident and attractive.

Creating A Unique Image

Curly hair with shaved sides helps women create a unique, outstanding image. If you’d like to change your look and shave temples, then it is definitely worth consulting a stylist beforehand, and take your hair type and facial features into account. Such cut will look perfectly on ladies who follow the trends and have their own style. You can also shave lower back of the head, keeping hair on top untouched. Shaved sides and back emphasize long neck and make the look more eye-catching.

Here are some pros of shaving your sides:

  • it’s easy to maintain such cut;
  • it requires minimum time for styling;
  • you may shave it in lots of different ways (triangle, oval, etc.);
  • it makes an image unordinary and special;
  • you can dye it any color and try to design it diverse ways;
  • it’s possible to hide the shaved temples under the long hair.

The length of such hairstyle depends on your preference. You may shave sides and keep your hair long, cut a short bob and shaved sides, shave the back of your head and dye the remaining hair – there are numerous variations which will make your look outstanding. You can also get shaved head design; it will make you look even more interesting and unique.

Cuts And Their Types

There are lots of different ways to style such cut and look different every day. You can braid your hair, design sides in various ways, shave both or single temple, as well as shave back of the head.

  • you can shave only one side, such cut looks perfect on ladies with short, medium and long hair;
  • you can also shave both sides, such a cut looks excellent on short hair and makes an image edgy;
  • you may add a design, dye your hair in bright colors or get a tattoo, this option is suitable for brave women who like experiments.

It is necessary to regularly shave sides once you’ve done it, in this regard you need to visit salon at least once in three weeks. It’s also important to take care of your scalp with moisturizing creams, conditioner and masks, as well as you may try a scalp massage. Sun protection is obligatory.