It may seem like it is impossible to make fine wavy hair look good. However, everything depends on the cut, and ladies are able to create an eye-catching image which will make their hair look fantastic choosing the right haircuts for fine wavy hair. Willing to change an image, it is always worth taking facial features, face shape, hair type and color into account, in order to choose the most suitable cut and look brilliant in any situation.

Choosing The Cut

Face shape means a lot when choosing a new cut. Ladies with round face should give preference to medium or long length cuts; they will flatter the facial features and make any woman look great, lengthening her face. It is also suggested to do high hairstyles and brush hair up.

Women with square face shape need to soften their facial features, especially their forehead and cheekbones. High haircuts for fine wavy hair will be a perfect choice for creating the desired look, as well as it is worth giving preference to long side part cuts.

Ladies with oval face shape may do any kind of cuts. The only thing they need to pay attention to is their hair type. Medium bob with long bangs will be a catch for young ladies with thick hair, while long hairdos without bangs will look excellent on older women with fine hair.

Short side part cut with long bangs is suitable for ladies with triangle face shape; it will soften their facial features and harmonize with overall look, while women with rectangle face shape should pay attention to curled long hairstyles with long side bangs.

Cuts And Their Types

Cascade is an excellent choice for ladies with fine wavy hair. Most women give preference to such a cut, since it is able to accentuate their good points and make hair look better. Cascade is the most suitable cut for the ladies with such hair type, since:

  • it doesn’t require much products and time for styling it;
  • it looks perfect on women with any face shape;
  • it is possible to create any look with such a hairdo and look brilliant in any situation.

Looking for haircuts for fine wavy hair, ladies also give preference to classic bob or lob, and for a good reason. Such cuts add volume and are able to help ladies easily correct their facial features. Both bob and lob require minimum styling, that’s why most women prefer them in order to look stylish putting little effort.

Every woman wants to look fantastic. All the above mentioned simple tips will help you choose the right cut, which will make you stand out from the crowd and make your hair look shiny, airy and healthy.