According to stylist opinion, it is really difficult to style long layered wavy hair, since it requires proper grooming and care, as well as the styling process is often time-consuming. Ladies with wavy hair always take styling seriously, since it affects their overall look, being able to make it better or, otherwise, destroy it. So what should you pay attention to when styling wavy hair?

What Cuts Most Ladies With Wavy Hair Give Preference To

Cascade cut is one of the most sought-after cuts most ladies with long layered wavy hair prefer. It looks excellent on ladies with any hair type and color, however, you can always add some bleaches using balayage or ombre techniques and make your image even more interesting. Such a cut always makes hair look airy and glowy, as well as make any lady stylish and elegant. Cascade cut is an excellent choice for women with thick hair, however it will also look good on fine hair adding some volume. It’s worth taking following tips into account when doing such cut:

  • ladies with long narrow face may try curling hair near cheeks and cheekbones for softening facial features as well as it is suggested to cut blunt-cut bangs;
  • women with round face shape should cut a classic cascade which will cover the cheeks, it is also suggested to add volume on top of hair in order to make the face look longer and more symmetrical.

Given hairdo is considered to be the most advantageous cut for long wavy hair. Regardless of the fact it makes every lady look feminine and elegant, it is also easy to style and really fashionable.

Waterfall layered cut is another widespread hairdo lots of ladies give preference to. Such a cut makes every look unique and unforgettable, adding volume, texture, and making hair look even longer. Only experienced stylist is able to cut such hairdo the right way, so it is worth taking choice of the stylist seriously and consult her/him beforehand. Waterfall layers don’t require much styling; all you need to do is use a curling iron and style them with special products.

Layered cuts are incredibly popular with ladies of all ages nowadays. Each woman is able to choose the cut she likes the most, and completely change her look. Willing to change your image, take your facial features, face shape, hair color and type into account in order to choose the cut which will be just perfect for you.

It’s no secret long layered wavy hair is not that easy to style, however, everything is possible using the right approach. Straightening iron, elastic bands, bobby pins, hair accessories and products – all that will make it possible for you to create the desired look and make the hairdo last as long as possible. Repair masks and oil will make your hair glowy, strong and healthy, keeping heat damage to minimum. Don’t be afraid of experiments, change your looks with a new hairstyle which will accentuate your beauty!